With our platform’s comprehensive campaign management capabilities, you have the tools you need to build individual significance into each and every campaign.

Data Management

Our platform gives you all the right tools to easily import and manage your subscriber's data. Get immediate access to create highly personalised and relevant campaigns with powerful email design, targeting and deployment capabilities.
Quick & Easy Data Import

Upload and edit your marketing email data on-demand, simply select you CSV subscriber file, map your data-schema fields and you are ready to go.

Auto Dedupe

Uploaded data is vetted & duplicates are auto removed. The system also performs a check of email addresses which have previously, suppressed, unsubscribed or hard bounced.

Unlimited Data

Our flexible database structure allows creating an unlimited number of custom fields for each subscription list. There is no limit to the amount of data you can store.

Multilingual Data Support

Our highly skilled campaign management team helps you deliver superior results - from email design & execution to campaign reporting & analytics.

Segmentation & Targeting

Our segmentation tools enable you to group & target subscribers based on purchase behaviours, expressed preferences, email behaviours, demographics & other criteria.


Our powerful and easy-to-use tools allow you to grow your subscribers & deliver targeted campaigns with relevant content to every recipient.


By simply using the drag & drop survey editor you can easily create a completely customised survey within minutes. Easily manage the entire survey process from data collection to analysis and results.

Subscription Forms

Our customisable form builder module allows to create and host flexible web subscription and unsubscription forms in minutes using both single and double opt-in mechanisms.

Preference Centre

Create & deploy multi-lingual subscription processes and preference centre web forms in order for users to view/modify existing demographics and subscriptions.

Registration Forms

Create & host highly flexible, multi-lingual external pages that are capable of handling high traffic subscription for large campaigns with a heavy subscription or opt-out demands.

Data Privacy

We will never sell or share any data to third parties that have been uploaded to our system for any reason. You maintain ownership of the data you provide for email marketing services.

Data Security

StreamContact adheres to the most stringent security practices in the industry. We make sure industry leading security technologies safeguard your account with a number of world-class security measures.

Email Design & Testing Tools

A comprehensive campaign management solution that enables you to create highly relevant emails, powerful publishing, email testing capabilities, and superior proofing functionality, all available right at your fingertips.

Responsive Drag & Drop Email Designer

Create stunning fully mobile responsive emails in minutes that blend seamlessly with your brand's existing styling by using our built-in email designer. This powerful drag & drop visual design tool makes it easy to utilise your existing assets (images, content, layouts, styling, and more) to create engaging personalised content for each individual recipient. Simply pick a template from our well-stocked template library, and make it your own by adding your brand colours, images, links, and text.

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Responsive Email Designer
Classic HTML Email Editor

Inbox Preview & Deliverability Testing Tools

Our Inbox Preview, Rendering and Optimised Deliverability Tools enable email marketers to create a better user experience, thereby improving your renderability, deliverability, click-throughs, response rates and reducing complaints. Inbox Preview is also a deliverability tool that helps you determine if your email campaign content will impact your delivery rates. You can see in real-time how your content renders across 45+ most popular desktop, web-based email readers, tablets, mobile devices and determine how your email campaign will react to 24 leading spam filtering packages.

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+200 FREE Responsive Email Templates

A great email template can make or break your marketing, but designing and building a template from scratch can be a very time-intensive process. Why search high and low for beautiful email designs when you can find them right here? Instead of creating a template from the ground up, we can save you hours of precious design time with our FREE responsive email template library. Simply choose a template It's fully tested to render great on all clients and customise it according to your brand needs. Our email templates are fully tested to render great on all desktop, web and mobile clients.

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Free Responsive Email Templates
Classic HTMl Email Design Editor

Classic WYSIWYG HTML Editor

If you are a design or HTML pro, this is the tool for you where you have a complete control of every fine HTML/CSS detail. WYSIWYG HTML editor offers a vast selection of easy-to-use functions for creating and editing content. Easily import your own HTML email template or to start a message from scratch. Use our table editing tools, message previews, and custom colour swatches to put the final touches on a message that's exactly what you want, down to the very last HTML tag.

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Secure & Versatile Image Manager Hosting with Unlimited Storage

Powerful and easy to use file manager that allows intuitive multiple file uploads with progress bar & drag-and-drop support. You can easily crop, resize, rotate & preview images. Set brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure or choose one of predefined presets. Use contextual toolbar with a series of buttons in order to quickly execute specific tasks for the selected object.

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Image Manager with Unlimited Storage
A/B Campaign Split Testing

A/B Split Testing

Optimise campaigns in real-time with advanced multi-variate testing. Test any email component, including content, template design, subject line, message format, delivery times and “From” name/address. You will soon discover how open clicks, links, and conversions may greatly differ from just one small change. You can generate multiple variations of your email campaign and auto select a random sample data set in order to deploy A/B splits in equal parts. View the results of split tests based on your success criteria and easily send the winning email to the remaining recipients.

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Email Automation

A powerful technology platform that scales to meet the needs of marketers with the ability to deliver dynamic, highly targeted email marketing campaigns driven by actionable customer data.

Autoresponders & Triggers

Our email automation builder allows you to easily create autoresponders & timed-drip campaigns. Plan, create, test, execute and track targeted personalised email communications, including time-sensitive alerts and event triggered mailings. You’ll know that each e-mail message sent is relevant and timely, enabling you to establish a personalised relationship between you and your customer.

By setting up event-triggered emails you are able to create drip marketing campaigns that will boost your email marketing results based on your contact's activities and will perfectly match your subscribers' needs and interests. Schedule and decide the frequency that will allow you to increase your open rate, engagement and ability to retarget your most engaged subscribers.

Autoresponders and Triggers
Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Create highly relevant and targeted emails based on what you already know about the recipient such as demographic, purchase history, engagement history etc. You build one template and within this, you insert dynamic sections that are automatically created based on your data. The more relevant the content, the better the return on your campaign.

Our dynamic content engine enables clients to insert email content based on user interests or demographics. Dynamic content is data-driven. You can build multiple dynamic content elements into an email and associate them with a business rule driven by customer profile information, demographics, preferences, customer behaviour, or other variables. Each piece of dynamic content is generated at the time the mailing blasts, allowing you to send true one-to-one messaging. In essence, dynamic content allows you to create multiple versions of content, specific to your subscribers, within one mailing setup. Dynamic content can be applied to the content of the mailing, subject line, or from name and can include images, links, html code, or plain text.

Re-engagement Campaigns

It’s important to analyse your data to determine the exact point when subscribers stop opening and clicking. Re-engagement campaigns, known as win-back email campaigns, allow you to re-engage inactive subscribers while cleaning up your email lists and improving overall data quality and deliverability. These campaigns can re-activate 10 to 20 percent of lapsed subscribers with a simple series of automated messages.

The goal of a re-engagement campaign is to identify which portion of your list you should retain, and which portion you’re better off removing. To create an effective re-engagement campaign, segment your users to better understand patterns of inactivity. Re-engagement allows you to move subscribers from one contact list to another based on inactivity as someone who has not opened/clicked an email campaign or autoresponder within a specified time frame.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Reports & Analytics

We deliver a broad array of real-time performance metrics, statistics, and downloadable data pertaining to each mailing that has been sent. Advanced reporting options, recipient reports, mailing reports, open-mail, click-through tracking can help you fully understand your customers and the actions they take as a result of your e-mail marketing campaign.
Email Platform Reports

Stellar Reports

Measure your email success with relevant and actionable reports that highlight all key campaign metrics, such as targeted, sent, failed, opens, clicks, shares, conversions unsubscribes & complaints

Email Clients Tracking

Email Client Tracking

Track & learn your email open rates across all email clients, mobile devices & browsers. By knowing these metrics you can maximise response & conversion rates by designing & optimising campaign efforts where they really matter.

Email Platform Social Meidia Integration

Social Media

Setup trackable, social sharing & follow functionality in your email campaigns. Use this invaluable data to identify the best performing social network links specific to your audience, and extend your social media reach even further.

Email Platform Integrated Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Our integrated web analytics tool can help you gather and analyse important information about your users. Track key performance indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords and many more.

Infrastructure & Deliverability

Through a unique combination of relevance-enabling technologies and strategic services, StreamContact empowers marketers to take meaningful action on their data in order to deliver contextually targeted communications to customers.

Email Marketing Platform

The infrastructure of our powerful technology platform scales to meet the needs of brands and marketers to safely send millions of email messages each year. Ability to deliver dynamic, highly targeted email marketing campaigns driven by actionable customer data with unparalleled services, including dedicated client teams surrounded by strategy & analytics, creative, technical, support, and campaign execution experts. Marketers shouldn’t have to worry about how secure their data is or how robust the technology is behind their campaigns as we that worry away with an experienced dedicated development and operations team, who monitor systems 24/7 to keep things running smoothly. Our enhanced technology combined with the close relationships our deliverability experts maintain with all of the major ISPs helps optimise your message delivery.


Even the most experienced email marketers know that managing deliverability can be a challenge. Deliverability is a critical element to the success of your email campaigns, and is, therefore an important area to manage proactively. We recognise that ensuring your messages are successfully delivered is just as essential as the message it contains. That’s why, for StreamContact, “deliverability” is serious business. We offer support and services to tackle your deliverability issues, including list hygiene and abuse complaints, and help improve your overall strategy. Like many email service providers, we use Port 25’s PowerMTA to send millions of messages through a range of IP addresses. We implement best practice protocols such as validators, throttling, email authentication (SPF records, strong DKIM signing, sender ID), dedicated IP addresses and more as they become relevant in the email deliverability industry.

Feedback loops are in place with major ISPs to receive alerts whenever your recipients report emails as junk or spam. We'll instantly unsubscribe any complaint reports in order to keep our senders from being blocked in the future. In addition, we perform list upload screening for known spam traps and run a unique quality score on lists for deliverability standards. We have a dedicated team of deliverability experts to provide all our clients with consultative services to achieve the best inbox placement. During campaigns we monitor sends for unusual open rates or bounces, pausing activity if we feel that it is impacting deliverability, so we can resolve any problem areas. If you’d like to find out more about our Technology Platform then get in touch and one of our team will be in touch shortly.


Your data needs a secure environment. At StreamContact we always working to keep your account safe and secure. StreamContact adheres to the most stringent security practices in the industry, which includes global network of data centres, backup procedures, employee security testing, restricted accounts and network vulnerability testing. StreamContact understands that the security of our customers’ data is of the utmost importance.

With that in mind, every aspect of the StreamContact solution was designed to be completely secure and to consistently provide uninterrupted service. We will never sell or share any data to third parties that have been uploaded to our system for any reason. You maintain ownership of the data you provide for email marketing services. Use of customer data internally at StreamContact is expressly for the purpose of customer support troubleshooting and increasing our product viability, statistically, or for accuracy. We make sure industry leading security technologies to safeguard your account with a number of world-class security measures. Multi-level passwords, site-wide secure pages, enterprise-class firewall, DDoS protection and other measures protect your account information and keep your data safe.