Our highly experienced and skilled campaign management team delivers superior results from artfully conceived, multi-channel interactive campaigns. Our managed services include; data integration, full campaign management and deployment, responsive email design, data hygiene, deliverability consulting, HTML coding, and campaign strategy to increase engagement rates.

Managed Campaigns

We can help to reduce your overhead costs by offering you a full service managed programme from setting up your email campaign to its execution. Our account management service is proving to be a very cost-effective method of managing your e-mail marketing and data needs, therefore allowing you to focus on your core business strategies.

StreamContact has a highly knowledgeable campaign team with over 10 years’ experience in full service campaign management. We provide a flexible range of solutions to meet varying business needs.

We can offer campaign management support in a way that is completely tailored to your needs, to ensure that you get the best possible value without stretching internal resource.

Our team can do it all for you:

  • Plan, build, and optimise automated lifecycle campaigns planned by you or a member of our strategy team.
  • Build and test campaigns and triggers.
  • Send you a performance report (opens/clicks/bounces, etc.)
  • Monitor email campaign metrics, review your content, and provide guidance on how to make modifications to improve performance.

Creative Services

Be sure your next campaign stands out in a crowded inbox and is optimised to meet your revenue goals. We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs, develop a plan, and create visually compelling campaigns that deliver meaningful engagement. Our email marketing campaign service team is comprised of highly talented in-house specialists and creative services experts who are 100% dedicated to designing and deploying beautiful, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly emails, landing pages, and preference centres that will deliver the results you’re looking for in your next campaigns.

Creative capabilities include:

  • Develop branded re-useable responsive templates that seamlessly integrate with our products and allow you to update text and images through our easy to use responsive drag and drop editor
  • Provide in-depth campaign optimisation and recommendations
  • Utilise scalable and responsive design to make sure that your campaigns look great and render in all inboxes.
  • Extend our services to landing pages, email sign-up forms, preference centre creation, mobile optimisation, dynamic content emails, event microsites

Expand your internal capabilities with our managed services to maximise your email marketing ROI


Campaign Deployment
Campaign deployment

Our campaign deployment specialists will seamlessly integrate with your marketing team to ensure that your campaigns are sent without a hitch. Our service includes data import, segmentation, message creation, testing, and deployment.

Responsive email design
Responsive email design

Our designers work closely with coders to ensure that your emails render perfectly across all browsers, clients, and devices. We can design one-off campaigns or re-useable templates with flexible layouts.

Landing pages and preference centre design
Landing pages and preference centre design

Make sure your customers continue to have a great experience after they leave your email. We'll also design and build eye-catching landing pages and preference centres.

Creative audit
Creative audit

Our strategic consultants will audit your current emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms to identify areas of improvement that will enhance performance and help you maximise your ROI.

Online surveys

Our branded surveys are fully integrated with your email campaigns so the user experience is seamless. Collected responses are tailored to the information supplied by your customers and prospects and can be analysed, browsed and exported to an excel format for further processing.

Volume registration forms
Volume registration forms

We can build and host highly flexible, multi-lingual external pages that are capable of handling high traffic subscription for large campaigns with heavy subscription or opt-out demands.

Html email coding

Coding emails can be a nightmare. Let our team of coding experts make sure that your email renders perfectly across all browsers, clients, and devices.

Full service campaign management
Full service campaign management

Combine some or all of the above services with our Full Service offering. We are happy to create a tailored package that will meet your business needs.

Bring your campaigns to life

We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs, develop a plan, and create visually compelling campaigns that deliver meaningful engagement. View some responsive design examples below.

Let StreamContact provide you with the guidance you need in order to create compelling emails with messaging and design that will help increase your conversions, click-throughs and opens, and most importantly resonate with your subscribers.